A treasure trove of folklore and culture where legends live on.

Shiiba Village Cultural Heritage Tour Guide.

In Shiiba Village, cultural assets are alive and well in daily life. Shiiba Kagura has evolved in a variety of ways in each village. The Heike legend of Nasu Daihachiro and Tsurutomihime. The Heike Festival attracts many people from inside and outside the village. A treasure trove of folk culture, known as the birthplace of folklore as well as a World Agricultural Heritage site, including slash-and-burn farming. This website provides a guide to Shiiba, a village of mountain people, also known as the 'last unexplored region on tthe main islands of Japan'.

Shiiba through history

Each cultural asset has its own period to which it relates, such as temples and shrines, the occurrence of performing arts and famous incidents. What was happening in history at that time? A timeline helps you find out.

Shiiba’s Four Seasons

The highlights of events and places of interest change with the seasons, such as when festivals and events are held, and when the scenery is more photogenic. You will find the best cultural assets for your visit.

Shiiba to know at the museum

This museum offers access to the wide variety of folk culture of Shiiba Village. Please visit when you visit Shiiba Village.